Life Groups 

Life groups at Hope Fellowship exist to allow members and attenders to experience closer community with one another.   Life groups are supposed to provide fellowship, friendship, and community outside of Sunday morning and church-wide events. All members of Hope are encouraged to be in a life group as a critical part of their spiritual health.  The formats of the groups may vary, but in general life groups are designed to go deeper into Scripture, to have fellowship over good food, to share our lives with one another and to pray and sing.  It’s a way to make your walk with God deeper and richer.  

During the first week of the month all LIFE Groups skip their usual meetings and instead meet together for dinner and worship at Hope Fellowship at 6:30 p.m. 


Tuesday Nights 6:30 PM

Meets: Second and Fourth Tuesday Nights 6:30-8pm

Format: Potluck and discussion of current events and the intersections of that and our Christian faith

Hosts: The Gregorys

Kid Friendly?– Yes


Wednesday Nights 6:30 PM

Meets: Wednesday Nights 6:30-8pm

Leader: Lisa Talley

Format: Potluck and discussion of the previous week's sermon

Hosts: Penny and Dennis Howerton

Kid Friendly?– Yes


Wednesday Nights 7:00 PM

Meets: Second and Fourth Wednesday Nights 7:00 pm

Leader: Chris Fehr

Format: Coffee and Desserts, fellowship, members sharing (in the spirit of 1 Corinthians 14:26), encouragement and prayer.   

Hosts: Fehrs or Petersons

Kid Friendly?– Yes